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Why is DevOps more Important in 2019

Why is DevOps more Important in 2019

Why is DevOps more important in 2019

Introduced in the IT space nearly ten years ago, DevOps has become a by-word in almost all IT organizations. It introduced a work culture which saw Development and Operations teams working together and pooling their synergies rather than work in isolation and at times, at cross purposes. This work culture has taken the world by storm. In 2019, what are the important aspects of DevOps which will define best work practices?

DevOps will be backbone of science teams in the age of Artificial Intelligence

DevOps brings in increased business efficiency and high team work. This has lead to faster deployments of apps. Since AI is the way of the future, demands for its apps will grow exponentially, especially with data science teams. They too will be forced to opt for DevOps as their best management practice. When data scientists use DevOps as their management model for workflows, they will adjust their production models to suit the DevOps culture.

DevOps will be the bridge between services

As time goes by, the on-site database infrastructure model will change and if the trend continues, it will accelerate towards the IaaS model. With this model, DevOps will become the bridge between different services on offer. Increased acceptance of this model will ensure that the public cloud too will become regulatory compliant. By using a combination of configuration management with container technologies, it will be possible for organisations to fully automate infrastructure management.

Focus will be more towards functions

Today’s DevOps enabled workspaces have streamlined and optimized their deliveries, by leveraging the opportunities presented by functions as a service. As per current trends, the depth and focus on functions will deepen and become more intense. As computer professionals become more comfortable and familiar with ‘server-less’ computing, it will result in much faster start-up times, along with added benefits, such as better utilization of resources and more focussed management techniques. Functions as a service, in spite of possible pitfalls of running multiple individual functions incurring higher costs, will triumph since the benefits will far outweigh the added costs.

Automation the way forward

The best way to manage bare metal infrastructure is by automation. It will help deliver services faster, at a reduced cost, as compared to the public cloud. This applies especially in hybrid cloud environments. Though the hybrid cloud is increasingly being used, the jury is still out since it is too early in the day to judge results. To ensure optimisation, a composable infrastructure category was created with the launch of HPE Synergy about three years ago. With just one line of code, it was possible for the solutions composable API to describe and provision the infrastructure required for the application. It not only transformed the IT process, but also simplified the DevOps work space.

Continuous delivery approach set to expand

Micro-services and multi-cloud environments will expand rapidly due to the continuous delivery engineering and container related technological solutions. Also full automated continuous deployment will be increasingly used by organisations that embrace immutable infrastructure approach and technology. Most probably, in 2019, we will see a trend towards process mining discovery, compliance and performance enhancement, to help DevOps teams improve their continuous delivery and continuous integration workflows.

DevOps will be the by-word of seamless integration

30% of all data breaches occur in the application layer. This will necessitate the adoption of a sound and secure software development process from the beginning, instead of just finding and fixing security flaws. It will become imperative to integrate security as early as possible into the software development process. This will be possible by the Security and Development teams working together to ensure that the code is secure from the word ‘go’. DevOps will play a vital role in enabling security integration. This method will prove more secure rather than integrating security at the end of the development cycle.

Add Jobs as code in software delivery cycle to avoid security issues from development to operations

DevOps has been the great enabler in the digital transformation of organisations. One place where there is scope for improvement is the development to operations handoff into production. This is by and large a manual process. This is the reason in 2019; we will increasingly see jobs as a code being added to the front end of the development cycle as a standard measure. DevOps teams will have various tools available in the market to choose from to come out as winners in the development cycle.

These are some of the many dimensions to DevOps in 2019. It is an ideal field for those who like a challenging career with job satisfaction and good pay as added bonuses.

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