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Internet of Things IOT Training

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Internet of Things IOT Training Chennai

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Internet of Things IOT

Internet of Things (IoT) Training

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering. The IoT deals with how various things connected to the internet, work in sync with each other. Currently, the smartphone technology is getting more and more advanced every day, and almost everything around you can be connected and operated through the means of your smartphone. From your car to your home lights, everything is soon going to be interconnected by means of the internet giving you unlimited access to the items that you use on a daily basis.

The Internet of Things training will help you in understanding how various smart devices connected to the Internet communicate with each other to share important data. Also, this training will allow you to engineer your devices to connect various smart devices on a network.

Course Focus

The course is focused on two different and important things in the field of Internet of Things. The first focus is to understand the interconnectivity of devices over the internet. The second focus is to provide engineering solutions to convert any particular technology into a smart device.

How Will Internet of Things (IoT) Training Help You?

As mentioned earlier, the Internet of Things is a booming engineering field that is currently the apple of the eye for various engineering and IT-based firms. The Internet of Things training will help you in securing jobs at several companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Godrej, etc. looking to master the field of Internet of Things by bringing in smart devices.

In case you are an aspiring entrepreneur, the knowledge obtained by Internet of Things (IOT) Training in Chennai at our centre will help you creating your own smart devices that are the need of current times.

Something truly amazing is happening as we speak , its internet of things. When internet came along it changed everything, now IOT will change everything. This technological revolution will touch everything around us, electrical , electronic, software, hardware, almost anything. This will stretch the length and breadth of the industries ranging from transportation, industrial, healthcare, Home, finance etc.

This is unique space as its mileage it very wide. An IOT Product in its true sense will involve, Embedded chip level coding, C or python, or Java , Ethernet, internet protocols, HTTP, HTML, CAD, you will also be building applications and everything which goes with it.

We have put this course together to give you a complete picture of building IOT products and expose you the variety of stages and levels involved in IOT development. This course involves hands on Hardware and software demonstration and supported by exciting exercises.

The idea is when you are done you will be confident that you develop an IOT product or join a team which is.The scope is very wide for prospective enthusiast. Take the leap and join this revolution . The future is bright and exciting.

Course Highlights:

  • - Understand the bare bones of Internet of Things (IOT), Applications, layers, protocols etc .
  • - Build with Arduino UNO, Arduino NANO, Sensors , Displays, Relay etc.
  • - Connect your edge device to the internet using ethernet boards, Wifi Boards and development kits like ESP8266, NODEMCU etc.
  • - Work and learn how to program with Arduino IDE.
  • - Learn how to Code in C, Arduino language and more.
  • - Connect your edge device to Internet of Things (IOT) platforms
  • - Persist data using HTTP and API integration methods
  • - Use Internet of Things (IOT) platforms to integrate with 3rd party services, trigger events( message, email) etc.
  • - Build mobile apps for Internet of Things (IOT) solutions
  • - Design your own PCB and implement your idea

Content Sections :

  • - How IOT works
  • - IOT bare Bones
  • - Work with development boards, sensors, shields etc
  • - Learn to program on Arduino IDE
  • - Learn to build on Cloud data bases, Platforms , 3rd party services and more
  • - Build you first IOT APP
  • - Build an Smart switch
  • - Build a safety device with motion detection and alerting capabilities
  • - Build a Safe switch for Elderly
  • - How to manufacture IOT devices - Basics
  • - Get certified
  • - Get to Know - MQTT, XMPP, Embedded C

The syllabus includes building your own project at the end of the course to understand real-life applications of IoT.

Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites

Internet of Things training requires no set prerequisites. However, knowledge in Python programming will help the students in getting through the basics of the course very easily.

Job Opportunities

After finishing Internet of Things course, you will be able to apply for companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Tesla that are aiming to bring the real-life applications of IoT to the world. You can also create your own smart device and sell it off to a company thus leading a path of entrepreneurship.


On successful completion of Internet of Things Certification training in Chennai, you will be given a relevant course certificate by JPM Edu Solutions, Chennai which will help you in securing jobs in top companies around the world.

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