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Cloud Computing AWS Training

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Cloud Computing AWS Training Chennai

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Cloud Computing - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Chennai

What is Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services?

In the current era of internet and ever-advancing computing technology, the need for interconnectivity and data transfer is increasing day by day. Cloud Computing is the technology that makes the data transfer over the internet simple and efficient. The process of data management, storage as well as processing can be done over the internet much more quickly than ever before.

Amazon Web Services is cloud service platform that allows the users access to cloud storage to offer them with computing power for data storage and management.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

When Cloud Computing started, it was very expensive and only big organizations, with deep pockets could afford it. Over time, due to competition, prices dropped sharply. Today, it is fast becoming the first choice of IT Managers.

Since the advantages far outstrip the disadvantages, IT Managers are increasingly turning towards Cloud Computing.

Some of the Advantages are:

  • Capital costs on hardware and periodic updates can be avoided. The Cloud Service Provider will maintain the servers etc. When the Cloud is used, costs can be balanced with revenue
  • When the demand for services increases, the Service Provider will match your requirements. If demand goes down, you can reduce the services needed. You need only pay for what you use.
  • Since the IT infrastructure is taken care of by the Cloud Service provider, you can make your primary focus your business. All IT related activities are taken care of.
  • Cloud computing gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements. New projects, changing business strategy etc. can be easily handled when using Cloud Computing.
  • The security of the environment is taken care of by the Service Provider. They will look after regulatory issues, compliance etc. This means, you are protecting your Brand from cyber attacks etc. The Service Provider will have built in resilience and agility to contain any security breaches.
  • When you use Cloud Computing, your business can face the future with confidence. Even when there is a spike in demand for data, the Cloud can easily handle it.

With so many advantages, the trend in the industry is to use Cloud Computing. Amazon Web Service [AWS] was one of the early companies to enter the field as a Service Provider in Cloud. Amazon Web Service with state of the art technology had become the leading Cloud Service Provider with the largest market share . With the demand so high, a career in Cloud Computing is a wise choice. With this in mind we, at JPM Edu Solutions, have designed a Cloud Computing training program which will give you a head start over others. We have designed the program so that you progress in a step by step way, in both theory and practical’s, guided by well qualified trainers. You can take the training course from the comfort of your own home. We have a very flexible time table to suit almost everyone.

A training programme in Cloud Computing will help you get a job as a data management and processor at IT-based companies. You will be dealing with all the important computing data that the company receives as well as sends on a daily basis. With Cloud Computing training, you will be in a position to be one of the most important employees in an IT-based company.

Ever since Amazon introduced Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services, its growth has been explosive. It has taken the cloud computing services by storm, so much so, for a person on the brink of getting trained in a career, Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services is an option which is hard to ignore. Due to the sheer size of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services, the demand for trained professionals in this field has skyrocketed.

However, you should equip yourself with the best training in the field of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services. Our Institute, JPM Edu Solutions, has been in the field of IT training, for many years. Over the years, by a dint of hard work, we have built a rock solid reputation for being one of the best training institutes for Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services.

We have a highly experienced faculty, who have many years of exposure to industry as well as training. They have put together a Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services training course, which will expose students to both theory and practical aspects of Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services. Our faculty will mentor students on a personal basis to ensure they get the best out of the training. Students from our Institute have been able to get highly paid jobs with the best organizations in the Industry.

Some of the course content are:

  • Training in basic concepts of AWS
  • AWS – compute, storage products and services which include EC2, EBS, VPC, S3 Storage, Cloud formation templates, glacier etc.
  • Practical work with AWS Scale and network services. This will include ELB, auto scale, VPC, Amazon route 53, cloud front distributions as well as cloud watches
  • Training in building a static highly available, fault tolerant and redundant web application
  • AWS cost saving techniques
  • Different Architectural design patterns

Course Focus

The training programme in Cloud Computing – Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Chennai focusses on training individuals with exceptional skills in data management and processing. The course focuses on several aspects of Cloud Computing and data management that are crucial to be successful in IT-based companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.

How Will Cloud Computing Training Help You?

Training in Cloud Computing will help you gain top-level positions in an MNC which deals with making marketing and advertisement decisions. The Cloud Computing AWS training in Chennai will help you is accessing and studying data from cloud servers and manipulate the data to make sense to study market trends. The training will also make you an expert in the field of making business plans and marketing strategies.

Course Syllabus

The important aspects in the field of Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services training include,

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Theory of Cloud Computing
  • Studying Cloud architecture
  • Study of Cloud Cluster Computing
  • Server management techniques

Study of Software as a Service (SAAS)

  • Basics of SAAS
  • Study of web server management
  • Online accounting and money management

Amazon Web Services

  • Introduction to AWS
  • AWS data management techniques
  • Managing storage services
  • Factoring fault and availability tolerances
  • Cost estimation

The training course also includes case studies for understanding real-life applications of Cloud Computing

Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites

There are no set prerequisites for joining a training course in AWS and Cloud Computing Training in Chennai. However, a prior knowledge in the field of data structures and computing algorithms is helpful for freshers. Also, a knowledge of server based programming with Java scripting will help the students in grabbing the basics.

Job Opportunities

After clearing the course in AWS and Cloud Computing, a person can apply for jobs at several IT-based companies such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. Also, the person is eligible for jobs at private companies dealing with cloud computing on a daily basis.

Cloud Computing AWS Certification

After graduating from the AWS and Cloud Computing course from JPM Edu Solutions, Chennai you will get a relevant certificate stating your expertise in the field. This certificate will add a considerable weight to your resume

Please feel free to Contact Us at [email protected] or call +91 7550194475 for further guidance in your career choice. We offer a flexible timetable to suit the needs of our students. Our course fees are moderate. We also help students to search for good jobs.

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