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Mobile Application Development Training

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Mobile Application Android and iOS Development Training Chennai

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Mobile Application Development Training

What is Mobile Application Development?

Android and iOS Application Development Training

Portable computing technology in the form of smartphones, tablets and laptops, innovations is the order of the day. This is constantly used to make the technology smaller, faster and more efficient. The hardware of the computing technology is often closely associated with the software part of it. The software part of any portable device usually involves applications which are used to facilitate using the device in multiple ways.

Mobile Application Development entails writing software codes for small, wireless computing devices e.g. smart phones or tablets. Developers ensure that the app shows optimum performance on a particular device by writing the coding natively for that device.

The mobile application development training in Chennai will help you grab the basics of application development and also give you a hands-on exposure in the field of Android and iOS application development.

Course Focus

The mobile application development training is mainly focused on developing the programming skills that enable a person to develop his/her own application. The course also gives enough weightage in developing the knowledge of various platforms for application development. With this training, it is possible for a person to develop applications for various problems that are handy as well as aesthetically beautiful.

How Will Mobile Application Development Training Help You?

The mobile application development process will help you in securing a job at any IT-based firm. According to the current mobile technology trends, each company is focussed on providing dedicated applications to serve the customer needs. The presence of a customer friendly application helps easy communication between the customer and the company providing easy troubleshooting and contact means for the customer.

Mobile Application Development advantages for businesses

In todays, technology driven, fast paced world, Mobile Application Development will give many advantages for businesses to become more efficient, improve customer experience and to become more profitable too.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Increase in Worker Productivity
  • In every field, competition is intense, with hundreds of businesses trying to get a slice of the pie. If the company’s business goals are aligned with the mobile app, it will bring in new business like never before. This will help reduce labour costs and increase worker productivity.

  • Enterprise Apps help improve Business processes
  • The new business norm is Enterprise Mobility. Mobile apps help a customer to interact with the business while he/she is on the go. It increases sales but reduces costs which are a win-win situation for a business.

  • Improves Customer experience
  • Well designed Mobile Apps helps improve customer experience when dealing with a business. Keeping communications open with a business’s target audience is a smart move which will increase business dealings.

  • Gives a boost to Brand Value
  • It enhances visibility with the millenials, Gen X as well as the Baby Boomers. One of the fundamentals of sound business is increasing brand awareness, which is achieved by Mobile Apps.

    Almost all Smart Phones use Android or iOS. It is important that all Mobile Apps target Android or iOS users.

    The training will help you master application development process on Android and iOS platforms.

There are many advantages of having Android Mobile App Development. Some of them are:

  • Since Android is built using open source software Linux, it can be leveraged without worrying about Royalty costs etc.
  • Customized User Interface – Since the user interface is the first point of contact with the user, it can make or break an App. Apps based on the Android platform are highly customizable and easy to manage.
  • Development costs using Android are low. Developers need only pay a onetime registration fee for distribution of the App.
  • Android Apps can be deployed using multiple sales platforms. All you need to do is promote it effectively.
  • Since Android Apps are scripted using Java language, it is easy to adopt and has the benefit of a large number of libraries.

iOS and Android Mobile Apps Development

Like Android, iOS also offers many advantages in Mobile App Development. Some of them are:

  • iOS offers an easy to use interface with enhanced security features
  • Apple believes in providing only high quality Apps
  • Apps can be developed at a reasonable cost in lesser time
  • iOS users tend to be ready to pay for high quality Apps
  • iOS offers a strong business – client relationship
  • It is easy to test Apps

Such advantages make Mobile Development Apps using the iOS platform worthwhile.

Course Syllabus

Some of the important aspects of the mobile application development training in Chennai include,

Introduction to mobile application development

  • History of application development
  • Theory of application development for mobile platforms
  • Understanding basics of application development software
  • Understanding smartphone, tablet and laptop application development

Android Application development

  • History of Android OS
  • Understanding the Android OS platform
  • Architecture of Android-based devices
  • Understanding basics of Java
  • Architecture of Android-based devices
  • Building basic applications with Java
  • Understanding Android application structure
  • Designing User Interface
  • Updating Android applications

iOS Application development

  • History of iOS platform
  • Architecture of Apple devices
  • Understanding basics of Swift
  • Application development using Swift
  • Understanding basics of Objective – C
  • App development using Objective – C

This mobile app development training from JPM Edu Solutions also involves an in-depth study of case studies to ensure that the students are aware of the latest application trends on both the platforms.

Mobile Apps Development as a career?

Since Mobile Apps are hugely popular, it goes without saying that there are lots of jobs available in the industry or to work independently. However, a thorough training in Mobile Development Apps is a must, for which, the Mobile Application Development training in Chennai is ideally suited for students.

Our Institute, JPM Edu Solutions, has been in the forefront of Computer training for many years. Our well experienced Staff has devised a course in Mobile App Development training in Chennai, which has been hugely popular. The Mobile App Development training in Chennai offers you a step by step approach in learning, both theory and practicals, with our staff acting as your guides and mentors. When you undergo the Mobile Application training in Chennai, then, at the end of the course, you will be Industry ready for a job.

The fee for the Mobile Application Development training in Chennai is moderate and the time table has been made flexible to suit the needs of most students. When you opt for joining the Mobile App Development training in Chennai, you are taking a right career choice. After undergoing the Mobile Application Development training course in Chennai, we will help you get placement in a good organization.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the Mobile App Development training course in Chennai, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call +91 7550194475, we will be glad to help.

Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites

There are no set prerequisites for the mobile app development training course. However, a basic knowledge in Java Programming as well as Swift programming will help you reach the advanced levels of application development fairly easily.

Job Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities for graduates in the field of mobile application development. You can apply for companies that are looking for constantly upgrading their applications like Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also go into the entrepreneurship field and start your own application development.


With training from JPM Edu Solutions, Chennai for mobile application development, you can get a certificate for the course which will help you in getting placed amongst the top application based companies in the world.

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