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Apache Spark Certification Course Chennai

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Apache Spark Training in Chennai

Where Big Data is concerned, the doyen of computer languages is Apache Spark. It is true that Hadoop is in common usage when it comes to store semi structured data with HDFS and data queries can be handled using Map Reduce and by all meters could be called the default of Big Data analytics. However, being propriety software, it is expensive.

Apache Spark is an open-source cluster computing frame work and has been a hot topic among Geeks. It was developed in the UC Berkerly in the year 2009 and became open-source in 2010. Due to its good features, it has become very popular and is supported by one of the biggest open source communities in the field of Big Data.

Advantages of Apache Spark

Apache Spark is very versatile and be used together with other software. Its framework is built using the Hadoop Distributed File System or HDFS.

  • It is faster – Spark also works on the same principle of being able to run MapReduce jobs but with the exception that the data is first stored in the Resilient Distributed Datasets or RDD’s. By doing this the Data is stored in the memory and this makes it more quickly accessible to the user. This makes the MapReduce jobs execute much faster since the data is accessed from the memory itself.
  • Stream Processing can be done in real time – The exponential growth of Big Data year on year means that all organisations using Big Data for their activities must be prepared to handle the increased Data volumes or else they will lose the advantage that Big Data gives. Apache Spark helps analyse and process real time data as soon as it is received by the organisation.
  • It can be used for Graph Processing – This application can be used for social data analysis, advertising strategy, advertising spends, etc. Graph processing can also be used to capture correlation of data between entities, which can then be mapped out. It has helped advance data mining and machine learning.
  • It is a powerful system – The current practise in most organisations is to run two different systems in tandem. This method requires separate applications to be built for each arm of the system i.e. streaming and real time data storage. Since two systems have to be used a lot of computing time gets sucked up. Whereas if spark is used, it can simultaneously handle both batch and stream processing data. Spark helps reduce computing time and operational costs.
  • Suitable for machine learning algorithms – Due to its capability of simultaneously handling batch and streaming data, it is possible to write sophisticated parallel applications in Java, Scala, Python etc. without having to use ‘Map’ & ‘Reduce’ operators. This makes it ideal for machine learning algorithms.

Why you should get trained in Apache Spark

Easily integrated with Hadoop

If you are already familiar with Hadoop, getting training and certification in Apache Spark makes eminent sense. Though technically Spark is a standalone product, it has been designed so as to run using the HDFS. Spark can be used to straight away work with MapReduce by using the HDFS inside MapReduce. Knowledge of Spark can be a big plus when job hunting.

Jump ahead to the Global Standard

As per technology forecast Spark is slated to become the norm for processing Big Data. Therefore, by getting training and certification in Spark now means that you are out in front meeting the Global Standard and this will give your career a tremendous boost. For the best Apache Spark training in Chennai.

Spark is fast replacing MapReduce

Since Spark uses in-memory data for processing, it will be the default for taking up Hadoop workloads in the near future. Since Spark is faster and easier to program as compared to MapReduce, it has spawned a huge support community for the Spark open-source software. To attend the most comprehensive Spark Training Courses in Chennai.

Spark is being used in Production

There has been an exponential growth in the number of organisations using Spark or about to implement Spark. This is due to the fact that it has matured as an open-source product with a large support community. It has high performance tools to handle distinct problems and large workloads. It also has the added advantage of having a swift, simple programming interface with Scala, Java, Python etc. If you wish to get trained in Apache Spark with Scala.

Huge unmet demand for Spark Professionals

Though Spark is a new entrant, it has spread rapidly in the Big Data market space by edging out its rivals. Leading companies are now using Spark in preference to older rivals. There is a shortage of professionals who are trained in Spark. You have to have proper training and certification. To Join the best Apache Spark Certification Training Course in Chennai.

About ourselves

Our training Institute, JPM Edu Solutions has been in the field of IT training for a long time. We have acquired the reputation of being one of the best IT Training institutes in Chennai. Our Apache Spark Training Course in Chennai is reputed to be one of the best such courses in Chennai. Our Staff members have many years of experience in the IT field, both in teaching and industry. Using their combined expertise, they have designed the Spark Course in Chennai to consist of modules, each logically leading to the next. This method makes it easy for students to grasp the fundamentals as well as in-depth aspects of the Apache Spark Course in Chennai.

By joining our Apache Spark Training Course in Chennai, you have taken the right step in an exciting career journey. Once you do our Apache Spark Training in Chennai, you are a stone throw away from a good job. We have a flexible timetable to suit the needs of most students and we believe that imparting knowledge is more important than high fees. We charge only moderate fees. If you have doubts or queries about our Apache Spark Courses in Chennai, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call +91 7550194475. We are always there to assist you.

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