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BlockChain Training in Chennai

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BlockChain Certification Training Chennai

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BlockChain Training

Bitcoin BlockChain Training

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new term, which most people have not heard off. What is Cryptocurrency and how does it affect us? All cryptocurrencies use the Blockchain technology to keep the currency and the technology behind cryptocurrencies safe. Though there are many types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the leader of the pack.

A Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money and it is free of government control or interference. Its generation and use is monitored on a peer-to-peer internet protocol. It uses encrypted string of data, known as hash, which signifies a unit of currency.

Cryptocurrency has many advantages and a few are listed below:

  • Fraud & Theft – Since a person’s cryptocurrencies are digital, there is no possibility of it being counterfeited or reversed for any reason by the sender.
  • Settlement of transactions are on the spot – Transaction such as buying land or a house will require assistance from others such as brokers, lawyers etc. This will add to the cost due to the payment of fees. Whereas in the case of Bitcoin contracts, they can be drawn up to eliminate any third party involvement and can be done on the spot.
  • Minimal Fees – Since miners are compensated by the network, there will be no transaction fees to be paid.
  • No identity theft – Cryptocurrency, it uses a ‘push’ mechanism where the holder can send the required amount exactly to the merchant without any further need for information etc. The entire deal is in the hands of the purchaser and this ensures no identity theft.
  • Access to all – Currently worldwide, there are an estimated 2.2 billion individuals who have access to the internet and/or mobile phones, but will no access to credit or debit cards. For such persons, Cryptocurrency is an ideal choice as a medium of payment or receipt.
  • Decentralized network – Unlike in regular currency networks, Cryptocurrency uses a global computer network, which jointly manages a database that records all Bitcoin transactions around the world. It operates on a user to user [or peer to peer] basis.
  • Universally recognised – Cryptocurrency is free of exchange rates, interest rates, transaction fees or any other charges of any country; therefore it is an ideal, hassle free system for international transactions.
  • Your account belongs to you – It is the only cash system in the world, where the account is owned and operated only by the person concerned. The amount in your account cannot be frozen for any reason by any third party.

Where can you expect to land a good job?

Slowly businesses and other institutions are realizing the advantages of Blockchain based systems. This has created a solid demand for those with expertise in Blockchain technology. It is a good choice as a career option.

  • Blockchain start-ups – They are hiring those with expertise at a furious pace. Start-ups are involved lots of different types of new businesses.
  • Large tech firms that are creating products to support applications in Blockchains
  • Banks, Financial Institutions and Private Sector Firms
  • Government and Government Agencies

Where can you get Bitcoin Blockchain Training in Chennai?

Our teaching institute JPM Edu Solutions is well known for its training standards and this reputation has been built over many years. We have well qualified and experienced staff. We offer BlockChain Certification Training Chennai and it has a good rating in the industry.

Our course material for Blockchain Training in Chennai has been developed to give you in-depth knowledge, both theoretical and practical, about Blockchains. When undergoing Blockchain Bitcoin Training in Chennai in our Institute, you can be sure to walk into a good job.

Our Bitcoin Blockchain Training, Chennai course material involves:

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
  • Why and How cryptocurrencies operate on a decentralized basis
  • Mechanics of Bitcoin trade
  • How Bitcoin are mined, stored and used
  • Mining techniques for Bitcoins
  • Anonymity of transactions using Bitcoins
  • Rules and Regulations of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins
  • Concept of Alternative Mining Puzzles
  • Bitcoin as a Platform

We believe in a personalized style for Blockchain Training Course in Chennai. As a student, our Trainers will interact with you on a one on one basis to check your progress in the course. Once you complete the Blockchain Training Chennai, we will help you get a good job.

If you have any doubts or require clarification regarding Blockchain Training in Chennai, please Contact Us at [email protected] or call +91 7550194475. Even if you are currently employed, our timetables are flexible to suit your needs.

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