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Network Penetration Testing

Are you beginning your security journey or aiming to elevate your network testing process? Securing your business is what we specialize in, and we are eager to work with you!

Networks play a critical role in modern Organizations, and Network Penetration Testing is an essential activity for testing their strength. Pen Testing involves replicating cyber attacks to uncover any flaws that could be taken advantage of by hackers. These tests use tactics to identify security vulnerabilities used by actual hackers—providing key information about the safety of a network.

We Offer Network Penetration Testing Services

• Keep a check on Your Security Risks - Prior to the Hackers

Explaining network penetration testing in the most straightforward way involves running simulations of actual cyber attacks to uncover potential weaknesses that malicious hackers could take advantage of to gain access to your network (s). Your team or a third-party vendor can perform pen testing using various techniques. Generally includes:

  1. 1. Comprehensive Cyber Audit report on the network.

    The report deliverable will also provide in-depth analysis and recommended remediation for technical staff to understand the underlying risks. This will include a technical description and classification of each vulnerability.

  3. 2. Distinguishing OS and network vulnerabilities and fixing them.

    Network penetration testing is a process of identifying potential vulnerabilities in a network and patching them in order to protect the network from potential attacks.

  5. 3. Complete information on the switches, routers, and ports.

    The aim of network penetration testing is to give organizations a thorough comprehension of their safety stance and to find locations where they can enhance their security against cyber attacks.

  7. 4. Cyber security recommendations.

A few of the suggested cyber security measures could appear in a network penetration testing report. Here are some probable recommendations that may appear in a network penetration testing report:

  • Ensure software and systems stay up-to-date
  • Utilize strong passwords and multi-factor authentication
  • Restrict access to confidential data
  • Track for any strange behavior
  • Provide regular security awareness training

  • 5. Framing firewall rules if necessary.

    Firewall rules are essential for network security since they regulate the flow of data between different components of the network and block any intrusive access.

    Our Network Penetration testing Methodology

    At JPM Technologies, we highly emphasize utilizing a structured, repeatable methodology in every engagement which guarantees the reliability and quality of our findings. This enables your team to verify our vulnerability assessments both before and after remediation. To achieve these results, we strictly follow these steps:

    • Network Space
    • Information Gathering
    • Enumeration and Vulnerability Scanning
    • Attack and Peneratration
    • Reporting and Documentation
    • Remediation Testing

    Network penetration testing done by our qualified and skilled testers

    Benefits of Network Penetration Test

    Performing a penetration test can offer a variety of advantages for any company concerned about any potential security issues. Some primary benefits include:

    • Determining any network security weaknesses
    • Discovering the degree of risks involved
    • Understanding the overall security posture of the organization.

    How we work with Network Penetration Testing?

    Our Network penetration testing provides organizations with the ability to identify, assess, and understand the security risk of their network infrastructure. It allows them to gain an understanding of their overall security posture by identifying possible entry points into their system, mapping out attack surfaces, and evaluating the effectiveness of existing controls. Moreover, it empowers organizations to swiftly detect any new weaknesses or exploitable vulnerabilities as technology and crimeware tactics continue to develop.

    Why choose JPM Technologies for Pen Testing?

    We provide security compliance services to get your data protected

    At JPM Technologies, our experienced Network Penetration Testing team is trained in the most modern tools and methods used to breach network security. We provide you with the security you need without interrupting your business operations. Moreover, we can extend our services to both wired and wireless networks. Finally, we offer a full list of vulnerabilities, exploits results, and tactical and strategic advice. For more information about services, get connected with us at

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