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Hadoop Big Data Training

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Hadoop Big Data Training in Chennai

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What is Hadoop BigData Training?

Hadoop Big Data Training

In the current era of computing technology every thread of information that you receive via the means of the internet is important. It is even more important to be able to make sense out of the data that you get to study the market trends and make informed decisions to ensure that your company makes good business strategies.

Hadoop Big Data Training will help you being an expert in the field of data collection and processing using Hadoop application.

Course Focus

The Hadoop BigData Training focuses on developing the Hadoop application usage skills. It also allows you to study the current market trends to make informed decisions before investing in a particular business.

How Will Hadoop Big-Data Training Help You?

The field of Big Data Analysis is constantly growing and will help you in going for top-level positions in IT-based companies. The Hadoop BigData Training in Chennai will help you in getting jobs at several MNCs that deal with market trends on a daily basis. You can easily get jobs in social media companies that deal with studying the market trends to know about the perfect timing for the launch of a product or an update for an application.

In case you are an aspiring entrepreneur, the knowledge obtained by Hadoop BigData Training in Chennai at our centre will help you creating your own smart devices that are the need of current times.

Course Syllabus

Some of the important aspects of the training include:

Understanding basics of Big Data

  • What is Big Data?
  • How to perform Big Data Analysis
  • Studying market trends by Big Data Analysis
  • Basics of Hadoop architecture
  • Understanding Data Structures

YARN programming

  • Understanding variables and constants for YARN programming
  • Working with simple algorithms
  • Understanding control parameters for YARN programming
  • Compression Algorithms

MapReduce Programming

  • Theory of MapReduce
  • Input and Output variables
  • Programming for MapReduce
  • Debugging Operations


  • Understanding architecture of HBase structures
  • Web interface manipulation techniques
  • Tuning of performance


  • Understanding architecture for HIVE
  • Web interface manipulation techniques
  • Tuning of performance
  • Web server manipulation
  • Managing servers

Other Hadoop Ecosystems

  • PIG programming
  • Sqoop Programming

The course also involves a project at the end of the completion of training to give you a fair idea about the practical applications of Big Data Analysis.

Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for pursuing this course. However, knowledge of the basics of Java programming and a basic understanding of IT-based Data Structures will help you in getting through the basics of the programme quickly. They will also help you get to the expert levels of Data Analysis very fast.

Job Opportunities

The Hadoop Big Data training gives a provision for jobs in several IT-based companies which deal with huge chunks of data on a daily basis. You can also get a job in MNC that needs to make decisions after studying the demographics of several countries to make informed choices about business strategies.


After completion of the course in Hadoop Big Data training, you will get a certificate from JPM Edu Solutions, Chennai stating your project experience as well as programming achievements in the field of Big Data Analysis.

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